About Us


Our Mission

Excellence in service provision by recognising, encouraging and supporting opportunities for self-development through focusing on the abilities of individuals.

The Aim of the Service

To enable people with disability in Tasmania to exercise their right to participate in and be part of community life, and to ensure all participants have opportunities that will enable them to develop as individuals.

About CRS Coastal Residential Service Inc.

CRS Coastal Residential Service Inc. is a not for profit NDIS Approved Provider, which has been operating since 1992. Our clients include participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) living on the North West Coast of Tasmania.  We seek to provide our clients with opportunities to reach their goals and aspirations in accordance with individual plans.

We firmly believe in the inherent rights of persons living with disability to be respected as individuals and to be treated with dignity.  All practices and procedures are based on Disability Services Act, Tasmanian Disability Services Regulations, National Disability Insurances Scheme Act and any other relevant Acts and Regulations.

Our Board

CRS Coastal Residential Service Inc. has a Board of Management.  The Board, in conjunction with the CEO, is responsible for the development and long term planning of the service.  It ensures that funds provided are used in accordance with the organisations Funding and Service Agreements and that the service operates in adherence with the Service Philosophies and the Disability Services Act.

CHAIR: Kelli Hooper

CEO: Dee-Anne Kapene

BOARD MEMBERS: Anne Langham; Natalie Everett; Jacqueline de Jonge