For Families

CRS Coastal Residential Service Inc. is focused on ensuring everyone has the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest, and for us this means assisting those living with disability to achieve a sense of individuality and independence, and meaningfulness within the community. 

We are an approved service provider under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and can assist you in understanding what’s available.  We can work with you to create an individual support plan to ensure your loved one has access to the best services most accommodating to their needs and wishes.

We believe that person-centred planning is critical, rather than fitting people into what’s available, and offer individualised one-on-one support to devise a programme customised to each unique set of needs.  Our aspiration for each client-participant is that they ‘have a good day’ every day.

We ‘have a good day’ when:

  • We’re doing things that have a purpose and are meaningful to us
  • We’re engaging in various activities, as are our peers, within the community
  • We’re doing things we want to do, specific to our own individual interests and goals
  • We’re meeting others, developing friendships and connections, and have a sense of belonging

Our aim at CRS is to enhance the lives and skills of each participant through caring and individualised support.

The NDIS is also committed to ensuring families and carers have the support they need in organising care and coordinating services.  For more information on the services the NDIS provides for families and carers, please refer to